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Silencing Cheney Dissent How BYU Obstructed 911 Justice

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  • Obama Says He was Born in Kenya - The U.S. Constitution requires that a Presidential Candidate be a "natural-born citizen," which means that both parents are U.S. citizens at the time of his/her birth.  Not only was Barak Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) not born in the U.S., but his father was a Kenyan citizen at the time.
  • Silencing Cheney Dissent How BYU Obstructed 911 Justice
  • 911 Conspiracy - Terrorists are mere pawns in a far more sinister plot including U.S.'s highest officials.  Documentation of U.S. insider conspiracy behind September 11 terrorist attack and subsequent war to promote global socialist police state order.
  • Rose Lear Ends Hunger Strike on Day 30 - April 3, 2003 after receiving assurances from her congressman that he will help her get the answers she seeks from Congress regarding WeThePeople's concerns regarding what appears to be unlawful enforcement of income tax laws against U.S. Citizens.

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